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Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are two of the most common psychiatric disorders in children today. ADD and ADHD are neurobehavioral disorders, which are characterized by significant struggles with attentiveness, hyperactivity or impulsiveness. This disorder first appears in children and in order to properly diagnose kids, an ADD ADHD doctor needs to evaluate the individual. Proper tests and examinations need to be completed by a certified kids ADD and ADHD doctor in order to properly diagnose and treat the child. A kids ADD and ADHD doctor will handle the entire process of evaluation, consultation, treatment and follow up so the child and parents can understand whether or not the child has ADD and what the next steps to take are. If you live in or near Annandale VA, it is important that you find a good ADD or ADHD doctor if you have a feeling that your son or daughter may be struggling with the condition. Undiagnosed, ADD and ADHD can really hurt an individual’s performance in school and other activities. Taking your child to our Annandale VA ADD and ADHD doctor can tremendously help your child in the future.


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