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There is a great difference between health complications in adults and in children. Children have bodies which function a little differently than those of adults and pediatrics is a medical specialty practice that focuses on examining and treating children’s health. Infants, children and young adolescents typically visit a pediatric doctor who can also be referred to as a kid’s doctor, children doctor or pediatrician. Pediatric doctors provide routine medical check- ups or conduct examinations of any health complications that the child may be experiencing. Children doctors have extensive knowledge of children’s health making them highly qualified to analyze and treat possible health problems in young people. The best pediatric doctors have friendly personalities and not only have experience and great knowledge about pediatrics, but also understand kids and how they react and approach various medical procedures. A Pediatrician must be able to administer routine shots and check the ears, heart and lungs of kids who typically don’t enjoy those kinds of examinations. Pediatric doctors, who are friendly and understand kids well, are the best pediatricians will see great success with their patients and their practice. At Annandale Pediatrics in Annandale VA, we take great pride in our practice and our pediatric doctors are not only incredible with kids, but are the best at examining, treating and preventing health complications in children.


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