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Well-child exams are the foundation of great pediatric care. Finding a doctor both you and your child can bond with is important, and ensures your child’s health throughout their life. To meet with a member of the Annandale Pediatrics team and learn more about the role that well-child exams play in their overall health, call the office in Annandale, Virginia, or schedule an appointment online today.

Well Child Exam Q & A

What is a well-child exam?

Well-child exams are routine checkups that ensure your child remains healthy and happy. These visits are the center of pediatric care, and most likely comprise the bulk of interaction between your child and his or her doctor.

These visits begin in the days following birth and continue until your child enters adulthood. When you choose Annandale Pediatrics, there’s no need to find a new practitioner for each stage of life, as health services are available for all ages.

Why are well-child exams so important?

Far too many parents only bring their kids in to see a doctor when something is wrong. That’s the worst time to form a relationship with a doctor, as a sick or injured child is already under significant stress. Well-child exams allow your child to build a relationship with their doctor and associate health care visits with positive outcomes.

Another reason that well-child exams are important to overall health is the ability to create a comprehensive medical record that remains with your child for the duration of his or her life. The Annandale Pediatrics team collects a great deal of data about your child’s development during well-child exams. That information allows your child’s doctor to track changes over time and identify areas of concern.

Well-child exams also provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions, express concerns, and learn how to help their kids thrive. That peace of mind is invaluable and makes it well worth the effort it takes to find a doctor you and your child can get to know and trust.

How can I prepare for a well-child exam?

If your child is apprehensive about going to the doctor, take some time to talk about your own positive experiences and discuss any concerns in detail. There are numerous children’s books that can help your little one feel less stressed about well-child exams.

It might also be beneficial to bring your child in to sit with you during your own physical exam. Kids often learn more from watching than from listening, and sitting in on your visit can show them there’s nothing to worry about.

If this is your first visit to Annandale Pediatrics, bring in your child’s immunization record and any information about current or past health issues. When you’re ready, request an appointment by calling the office or scheduling online.


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